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Welcome   to   The   New   Genesis   Foundation.   We   are   a   charitable   organisation dedicated   to   breaking   through   existing,   out   of   date,   paradigms   on   life   in   the universe   by   applying   a   more   scientific   approach   derived   from   current   research and evidence in the various fields of science. There   is   a   global   need   for   a   new   way   of   thinking.   The   old   beliefs   are   clung   to   by a   few   dedicated   disciples,   but   these   few   wield   great   influence   in   their   fields   of study   and   dictate   to   the   world   what   should   be   believed   as   ‘true’. Any   new   ideas, regardless   of   their   validity,   are   quickly   quashed   as   heresy,   thus   preventing   any new paradigms to be formed. We   hope   you   find   this   site   both   informative   and   inspiring.   Browse   through   the various     subjects     discussed,     download     our     free     documents     for     further information, but most importantly - be inspired to challenge the status quo!
Our viewpoint We   believe   that   everything   in   the   Universe   is   material   and   is   governed   by   the   laws   of physics, although we might not know all these laws. 1 . We   accept   that   there   are   unexplained   phenomena.   The   explanation   of   these phenomena   is   beyond   the   state   of   present   knowledge.   But   we   do   not   accept   that   these phenomena are caused by supernatural forces. 2 . We   accept   that   extraterrestrial   civilizations   exist   which   could   be   involved   in starting   and   developing   life   on   Earth   and   in   the   Universe.   These   civilizations   could exist for many billions of years. 3 . We   believe   that   life   on   Earth   is   the   result   of   purposeful   design   and   directed evolution which mechanism is not known yet. 4 . We   believe   that   the   final   objective   of   the   human   race   is   to   achieve   higher consciousness. 5 . We   do   not   automatically   accept   present   scientific   hypothesis   unless   they   are supported by convincing scientific evidence 6 . We   believe   that   there   is   much   more   to   the   Universe   than   we   think   and   are able to understand.
Our objectives 1. Promote rationalism, humanism and scientific principles 2. Promote   understanding   of   the   origins   of   religions   and   help   to   remove   conflicts              between different religious beliefs and groups 3. Promote   a   purely   scientific   approach   to   the   arising   and   development   of   life   on Earth
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The New Genesis Foundation

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