The New Genesis Foundation Religion
Religious    apparitions    belong    almost    exclusively    to    the    domain    of    the Roman   Catholic   Church.   In   the   Protestant   Churches,   Judaism,   as   well   as in    Islam,    nobody    is    worshipped    apart    from    God,    and    there    are    no intermediaries   between   the   believers   and   the   Creator.   In   Judaism   and Islam,    prophets    enjoy    great    respect,    however    no    divine    features    are attributed   to   them,   although   it   is   assumed   that   the   prophets   passed   on information   received   from   God.   The   Roman   Catholic   Church,   with   the extensive   pantheon   of   saints,   and   most   of   all   with   the   figure   of   the   Virgin Mary,    continues        pre-Christian    traditions    and    therefore    fulfils    the subconscious    needs    of    the    human    psyche.    The    Mother    of    God    is    an important    psychological    phenomenon,    referring    to    goddesses    such    as Isis,   Iris,   Aphrodite   and   Astarte,   worshipped   thousands   of   years   ago.   For many    of    the    faithful    in    their    everyday    life,    the    Virgin    Mary    is    more important   than   Jesus   Christ   and   her   image   is   instantly   recognized   by every   believer.   Therefore   the   large   majority   of   religious   apparitions   had   a connection with the Mother of God.