The   most   important   apparitions   in   the   20 th    century   took   place   between   13   May   and 13   October   1917   in   Fatima,   Portugal,   in   a   place   called   Cova   da   Iria,   located   about   85 miles   north   of   Lisbon.   During   this   period   a   figure   of   a   Lady   appeared   six   times   to three   children:   Lucia,   Jacinta   and   Francisco   and   passed   to   them   certain   information which   later   became   known   as   the   secrets   of   Fatima.   When   the   apparitions   ended, about   50,000   people   witnessed   a   very   unusual   display   in   the   sky   which   made   a lasting    impression    on    believers    and    skeptics    alike.    It    was    the    first    ever    public manifestation of an previously announced inexplicable phenomenon.
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Thanks   to   the   presence   of   mind   of   Lucia,   who,   during   the   meeting   on   July   13   asked the   Lady   for   a   “miracle”   for   people   to   believe   in   the   authenticity   of   the   apparitions, the    entire    character,    scope    and    the    impact    of    these    events    changed.    The    Lady promised   that   she   would   perform   a   “miracle”   on   October   13   for   every   one   to   see. This   information   was   widely   circulated   in   Portugal,   and   because   of   this,   the   display was   witnessed   by   many   thousands   of   people   who   received   3   months   notice   prior   to the event. The   display   in   the   sky   commenced   straight   after   the   apparition   finished.   All   the witnesses   stated   that   they   could   watch   it   directly   without   squinting.   So   why   did   this phenomenon   pass   into   history,   as   “the   miracle   of   the   sun”?   Probably   because   the disc was of a similar size and position in the sky to the sun. The   luminous   disc   did   not   shine   brightly   and   was   not   blinding.   The   disc   had   a distinct   edge   and   was   of   silver-blue   color   but   not   like   the   moon.   The   color   was   clear and   rich,   having   the   opalescence   of   a   pearl.   Witnesses   with   a   technical   background described   it   as   a   disc   of   opaque   or   frosted   glass,   illuminated   from   behind,   with   a rainbow   of   iridescence   on   its   periphery.   Some   of   the   witnesses   claimed   that   the colors   of   the   disc   were   lively   and   strong,   and   changing   from   white,   red   and   blue   to orange,   yellow   or   green.   Some   compared   it   to   stained   glass.   It   looked   as   thought   the periphery   of   the   disc   was   more   colorful   and   iridescent   than   the   center   and   changed cyclically,   according   to   some   repeating   pattern.   The   color   changes   were   not   random and   rapid,   but   slow   and   regular.   The   disc   sometimes   looked   as   if   it   was   surrounded with   an   aureole   of   flames,   at   other   times   by   yellow   or   purple   rays.   At   one   moment the    flames    disappeared    and    the    disc    became    dull    silver-blue    again.    One    of    the witnesses   noticed   that   the   clouds,   moving   at   that   time   from   west   to   east,   were   not obstructed from view by the disc but looked as if they passed behind it. The   disc   did   not   stay   in   one   place   but   moved   in   the   sky.   All   witnesses   agreed   –   it revolved   on   its   axis.   Some   people   noticed   that   it   whirled   very   quickly.   In      the   opinion of   Goncalo   Almeida   Garrett,   a   professor   of   mathematics,   only   the   peripheries   of   the disc   carried   out   this   rotary   motion.   The   movements   were   not   uniform   but   repeated three   times   after   intervals.   There   are   descriptions   comparing   the   disc   to   a   turning wheel    of    fireworks,    with    flashes    of    sparks    of    light    on    its    border,    similar    to    a Catherine   wheel.   Apart   from   the   whirling,   witnesses   noticed   other   movements.   They describe    that    the    disc    “danced”,    “jumped”    or    “trembled”    through    the    almost diaphanous clouds. The   most   dramatic   scene   happened   when   “the   sun   fell   down   to   the   earth”.   The whirling   disc   appeared   to   approach   the   earth,   and   its   movement   was   very   elaborate. It   looked   as   though   the   disc   was   spinning,   descending   in   slow   zigzags,   or   moving down   in   a   spiral.   When   the   disc   descended   so   low   that   it   looked   as   if   was   touching the   tips   of   the   trees,   a   panic   seized   some   people.   Next,   the   disc   started   climbing   back up   at   a   very   slow,   snail-like   pace,   all   the   way   to   it’s   initial   position.   The   entire   display lasted about 10 minutes. Witnesses   noticed   not   only   extraordinary   colors   of   the   disc   and   the   clouds,   they   also claimed   that   the   people,   the   trees,   the   fields   and   the   entire   surrounding   area   looked colorful.   Some   said   that   everything   around   them   turned   yellow,   others   gold,   purple, blue,    orange,    green    or    metallic.    Some    witnesses    noticed    that    the    color    of    the surroundings   changed   with   the   color   of   the   disc.   The   illumination   was   patchy   and the   witnesses   mentioned   seeing   stains   of   various   colors.   The   intensity   and   the   shapes of these colorful patches varied with time, as if under the influence of air movement.
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How the display in the sky could have been achieved After   examining   the   witnesses’   statements,   there   is   not   the   slightest   doubt   that   it   was not the sun which moved in the sky, but it was a kind of optical illusion. To   make   a   whirling   and   dancing   disc   visible   at   the   same   time   to   thousands   of   people,   an image   visible   in   a   large   area   had   to   be   produced.   One   could   assume   that   for   generating such   an   image   an   optical   projection   method   was   applied.   Suppose   that   the   image   was projected   on   a   screen   positioned   at   a   distance   of   0.6   miles      from   Cova   da   Iria   at   a   height of   0.6   miles   ,   the   diameter   of   the   disc   should   be   about   30   ft.   To   generate   such   an   image   it is   possible   that   several   lasers   were   used,   generating   strong,   colorful,   monochromatic light beams which were projected on special clouds, acting as a screen. Application     of     lasers     for     the     disc          optical     projection     is     confirmed     by     several observations. The   disc   was   colorful,   but   surface   colors   were   not   uniform   –   silvery   in   the   middle   and glittering in all sorts of colors at its periphery. During   the   whirling,   the   rotary   disc   motion   could   be   seen   not   at   its   center,   but   mainly   at the   rim.   Assuming   that   the   image   was   created   by   the   superposition   of   several   laser beams   of   different   colors,   it   is   very   difficult   outside   laboratory   conditions   to   obtain perfect   overlap   of   all   beams.   Where   the   overlap   was   precise,   observers   could   see   a uniform,   silver   color,   but   on   the   periphery,   where   the   superposition   was   not   accurate, they saw various colors. It   is   well   known      that   when   a   laser   beam   is   passing   through   the   earth’s   atmosphere,   due to   diversified   air   temperature   and   and   associated   uneven   air   densities      it   is   deflected similar   as   by   a   glass   prism.   Since   the   air   temperature   varies,   the   beam   deflection   also will   be   continuously   changing.   This   phenomena   were   observed   by   witnesses   as   shaking or   dancing   of   the   disc.   It   is   possible   to   observe   a   similar   phenomenon   at   night,   such   as twinkling    stars.    This    observation    confirms    that    the    optical    beams    used    for    display traveled a long way through the atmosphere. As   during   the   apparitions,   a   screen   was   essential   for   projecting   the   image   of   the   disc. This   function   in   this   case   was   also   performed   by   clouds,   however   they   were   not   natural clouds.   These   special,   small   clouds   had   to   be   continuously   produced,   because   when   one disappeared,   in   its   place   appeared   a   new   one.   During   the   display   the   disc   came   close   to the   ground,   so   we   could   conclude   that   the   screen   created   from   these   peculiar   clouds stretched from the surface of the earth, all the way to the height of at least 0.6 miles. Since   the   disc   was   in   the   same   place   in   the   sky   where   the   sun   was,   it   was   necessary   to limit   considerably   the   intensity   of   the   sun's   rays.   And   for   this   purpose   artificially   made clouds   were   used.   The   blockage   of   the   sun’s   rays   had   to   be   very   effective,   because   none of   the   observers   looking   in   the   direction   of   the   sun   were   blinded   by   them.   The   artificial clouds   were   probably   generated   by   heating   an   area   of   the   earth   using   infrared   radiation. This   is   supported   by   the   statements   of   some   witnesses   who   testified   that   their   soaked through clothing, after the show, was completely dry. Many   persons   noticed   that   both   the   people   and   the   landscape   in   their   neighborhood   had changed   color,   as   if   illuminated   by   colored   lights.   The   colors   changed   non-stop   through all   the   colors   of   the   rainbow.   What   is   interesting   is   that   the   witnesses   observed   that certain    areas    were    more    strongly    and    others    less    illuminated,    and    that    looked    like colored   patches.   Such   a   phenomenon   can   only   exist   when   monochromatic   light   is   used as   the   source   of   light,   and   this   observation   confirms   the   application   of   lasers   for   the optical projection of the disc. The   above   scientific   analysis   does   not   give   an   answer   to   the   question   of   how   the   events in   Fatima         were   really   staged.   It   will   not   be   possible   to   establish   true   events   and   we   will most   probably   never   learn   what   specific   technical   solutions   were   used   in   Fatima.   The purpose   of   this   analysis   is   to   establish   that   everything   the   witnesses   and   visionaries   saw and   heard   is   possible   to   explain   and   would   be   possible   to   stage,   applying   techniques based   on   the   known   laws   of   physics.   Perhaps   we   are   still   unable   to   reproduce   the Fatima   events,   but   we   know   the   technical   solutions   which   could   be   applied   to   design similar displays..
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Predictions of the events in Fatima The   fact   that   the   apparitions   in   Fatima   were   predicted   a   few   months   earlier   distinguishes them   from   all   other   supernatural   events.   This   fact   is   omitted   by   both   the   Catholic   Church and   skeptical   authors.   We   can   separate   the   predictions   in   to   two   groups:   the   ones   which appeared   in   the   Portuguese   national   press   before   or   on   May   13,   1917,   and   the   ones   which were handed over by the central figure of the events, Lucia dos Santos. The   first   prediction   was   published   in   Lisbon   on   March   10,   1917,   in   one   of   the   most important   newspapers   in   Portugal,   still   in   print,   Diario   de   Noticias .   It   was   in   the   form   of   an announcement   with   the   title   printed   in   bold   letters:   135917 ,   see   Fig.   1,   which,   it   would   be easy   to   decipher,   refers   to   the   date   –   13.05.1917–   the   day   of   the   first   apparition   in   Fatima.      The   text   is   a   little   mysterious   and   looks   like   an   encrypted   message,   and   in   a   cursory translation   it   reads:   “Do   not   forget   the   happy   day   in   which   our   suffering   will   end.   The war in which we participate will end. A. and C.” Do    we    know    who    this    announcement    originated?    On    February    7,    1917    a    group    of spiritualists   in   Lisbon   had   one   of   its   regular   meetings.   One   of   them,   Carlos   Calderon,   a famous   Lisbon   trance   medium,   created   a   message   by   method   of   “automatic   writing”.   It read as follows: “Do   not   judge.   The   one   who   would   judge   you   would   not   be   pleased   with   your   prejudice. Have   faith   and   patience.   It   is   not   normal   for   us   to   predict   the   future.   Secrets   of   the   future are   not   penetrable,   although   sometimes   God   lets   lift   slightly   a   corner   of   the   veil   which covers   them.   Have   confidence   in   our   prophecy.   The   day   May   13   will   be   one   of   happy   days for   the   good   souls   of   the   world.   Have   faith   and   be   good.   Ego   Sum   Charitas   (   I   am   Love). By   yourself   you   should   always   have   your   friends,   who   will   guide   you   and   will   help   you in   your   work.   Ego   Sum   Charitas.   The   bright   light   of   the   Morning   Star   will   illuminate   your road. Morning Star” Furtado   de   Mendonca,   who   was   present   at   the   séance   in   Lisbon,   published   a   photocopy   of the   original   received   text   in   his   book.   Most   of   the   text   was   written   backwards   in   the   same handwriting,   from   right   to   left   in   such   a   way   that   in   order   to   read   it   was   necessary   to   use   a mirror.   The   last   sentence   and   the   signature   were   not   reversed.   In   spite   of   the   mystery   and unclear   meaning   of   the   received   message,   spiritualists   decided   to   place   an   advertisement in the newspaper. There   is   no   other   evidence   that   the   spiritualists   received   such   a   message,   but   it   is   certain that   they   placed   the   advertisement.   It   is   worth   noticing   that   in   the   received   message   there is   nothing   about   the   war.   Since   the   war   was   the   most   important   event   then   in   Portugal, perhaps   mentioning   it   was   supposed   to   enhance   the   attraction   of   the   announcement,   so the   readers   would   pay   more   attention   to   it.   It   is   also   worth   noticing   that   in   the   signature under   the   announcement   the   letter   “C”   probably   refers   to   Carlos   Calderon.   Regardless   of who   placed   this   announcement   and   what   his   reason   was,   it   is   certain   that   the   prophecy giving the date of May 13,1917 was published on March 10, 1917. The    next    prediction    was    published    in    Porto,    where    three    leading    Portuguese    daily newspapers:   Jornal   de   Noticias ,   O   Primero   de   Janeiro    and   Libertade    placed   on   May   13,1917 information   under   the   title:   “The   war   and   the   spiritualism.   Sensational   revelations”.   The text of the note read as follows: “Yesterday we received a message, which we print below: Porto, 11 May 1917. Dear editors, It   was   communicated   by   the   Spirits   and   different   groups   of   spiritualists,   that   on   the   13th of   this   month   there   will   occur   an   event   with   respect   to   the   war   which   will   astonish   all   the people. I have the honor of signing. The spiritualist and the dedicated promoter of the truth. Antonio”. Jornal   de   Noticias   printed   only   the   letter   with   a   brief   explanation,   but   O   Primeiro   de   Janeiro    , apart   from   the   note,   placed   a   malicious   and   ironic   commentary   written   by   the   very   well known    journalist    Guedes    de    Oliveira,    who    had    the    reputation    of    an    anticlerical Republican,   like   the   majority   of   contemporary   Portuguese   journalists.   Oliveira,   among others, wrote: “Today   is   the   13th   [...]   the   predicted   event   will   have   taken   place   and   everyone   will   be   so deeply   shaken,   as   if   an   abyss   had   opened   under   our   feet.   The   intervention   by   those   who exist   beyond   the   physical   world   [...]   cannot   be   without   consequence   to   us,   and   I   am   highly alarmed   by   this   information,   that   I   received   from   an   eager   promoter   of   the   truth.   It   would never   come   to   my   mind,   that   we   could   be   in   such   a   close   contact   with   beings   from   another world.   [...]   But   now   with   the   letter   from   Mr.   Antonio   I   confess   that   all   I   lack,   is   the predicted   event.   [...]   What   mysterious   powers   could   work   upon   terrestrial   things   with their   inexplicable   influences?   How   are   they   able,   for   example,   to   cause   levitation   of   a   cast iron table, without any physical contact?” It   is   worth   noticing   that   rational   and   atheistic   journalists,   who   were   working   at   these   three leading   Portuguese   newspapers   and   normally   treated   with   contempt   spiritualists   and people   dealing   in   paranormal   phenomena,   suddenly   devoted   so   much   attention   in   order to comment on such unimportant news. Information    originating    from    a    visionary    herself    belongs    to    the    second    group    of predictions.   During   the   apparition   on   July   13,   Lucia   asked   the   Lady   for   a   miracle   so people   would   believe   in   the   authenticity   of   the   apparitions.   The   Lady   promised   that   a miracle   would   happen   in   three   months   time,   so   that   everyone   could   see   it.   Thanks   to   this prediction,   on   October   13   in   Cova   da   Iria,   thousands   of   curious   people   gathered   and   most importantly   many   journalists   arrived   from   the   leading   Portuguese   newspapers.   In   spite   of being   anticlerical,   these   journalists   provided   an   accurate   and   credible   description   of   the events   which   took   place   in   Fatima   on   that   day   and   greatly   contributed   to   the   spread   of information about the apparitions. Significance of prediction Let   us   consider   why   the   existence   of   the   predictions   is   so   important   in   establishing   the authenticity   of   these   events.   In   everyday   life,   very   often   we   find   ourselves   in   situations which   look   very   extraordinary,   but   they   do   not   evoke   great   amazement.   Let's   assume   that we   were   standing   at   a   bus   stop   by   the   road   and   we   noticed   a   yellow   Rolls   Royce   passing by.   Since   we   have   never   seen   such   a   car,   perhaps   only   on   film,   we   would   probably   be   very surprised,   but   it   would   not   make   a   great   impression   on   us.   However,   if   somebody   tried   to estimate   the   probability   of   the   meeting   of   such   a   car   in   the   predicted   place   and   time,   it would turn out that he could have one chance in a billion perhaps. Let   us   consider   a   different   event.   We   are   strolling   in   a   woodland   and   every   now   and   then we   notice   rubbish   left   there   by   other   people.   When   we   see   a   chocolate   wrapper   under   the bush,   this   view   could   spoil   the   entire   pleasure   of   the   walk,   but   certainly   will   not   cause even   the   smallest   surprise.   However   if   somebody   were   to   predict   that   at   such   and   such hour,   in   a   specific   place   we   would   find   a   piece   of   chocolate   wrapper,   for   example,   red   foil with   yellow   stripes,   the   fact   that   such   a   prophecy   came   true   makes   the   entire   situation very   extraordinary.   It   is   hard   to   estimate   the   probability   of   such   an   event,   but   the   odds certainly    would    be    infinitesimal.    Following    these    examples    we    could    say    that    since predicting    the    place    and    time    of    some    even    very    ordinary    events    is    very    difficult, prediction   of   such   an   improbable   phenomenon   as   an   apparition   is   completely   impossible. Therefore   we   could   conclude   that   the   events   in   Fatima   could   only   be   predicted   by   the organizers of these apparitions.
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