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Website Layout The website is divided into seven parts: Home, Gurdjieff, We Are Not Alone, Genesis, Downloads, Blogs and Information. The main objective of  this  website  is to present three books: Gurdjieff  - A new interpretation We are not alone in the Universe The New Genesis Each  section about the book provides a synopsis, chapter summary, book pdf downloads, and reviews if available. Other sections include supporting material  for each book in the  form of relevant publications and interviews. Blogs and Downloads contain pdf copies of all books and publications which can be downloaded.
About the author
Wojciech   K.   Kulczyk   was   born   in   1940   in   Poland   where   he   studied   electronics at   the   Technical   University   of   Warsaw.   After   graduation   he   joined   the   Bionics Section   of   the   Polish   Academy   of   Sciences   where   he   worked   on      biological systems.   In   1967   he   arrived   in   England   where   in   1971      was   awarded   a   Ph.D.   at University   of   Surrey,   Guildford,   where   his   work   was   supported   by   a   grant from   The   Royal   Society.   His   professional   career   as   a   physicist   includes   research and   development      work   at   Universities   and   in   industry.   He   is   the   author   of three    books,    8    scientific    publications    and    15    patents.    His    interests    include biology, development of life, ancient civilizations and religions. He   is   an   agnostic   and   does   not   accept   conclusions   unsupported   by   proper scientific   evidence.   He   rejects   the   existence   of   supernatural   forces   as   well   as blind   evolution,   while   accepts   that   many   phenomena   cannot   be   explained   by present scientific knowledge.
Additional information - publications Scientific publications: Nature, 1969, 222, pp 475-476 Electronics Letters, 1970, 6 pp. 25 Opto-Electronic, 2 pp. 177-179 IEEE Trans. On Electron Devices, 1972, ED-19, pp. 1181-1190 Proc. IEE, 1973, 120, pp. 1017-1023 Proc. IEE, 1973, 120, pp. 1024-1029 Sensors and Actuators, 1990, A21 -A23, pp. 663-669 The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 1994, 95(6):3682- Journal of Astrobiology and Outreach, 2017, 5:158
Books in English: We are not alone in the Universe , John Hunt Publishing, 2012, (ISBN 978-1-78099-297-6). The New Genesis , The New Genesis Foundation, 2018, (ISBN  978-1- 99990-600-9) Gurdjieff - A New Interpretation , The New Genesis Foundation, 2019, (ISBN 978-1-99990-604-7) Books in Polish: Wprowadzenie do nauk Gurdżijewa . Ravi, 2004, (ISBN 83-7229-087-3). Are we alone in the Universe? , Petrus, 2011, (ISBN 978-83-7720-001-8). Nowa Geneza Zycia, Petrus, 2021, (ISBN 978-83-7720-447-4). Books in Chinese: