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Gurdjieff - The Great Enigma
Objectives of Gurdjieff teachings What   makes   Gurdjieff   different   from   all   other   reformers   of   all   epochs   is   the   fact that   his   aim   was   to   help   man   to   achieve   the   highest   possible   freedom   -   freedom from   beliefs,   freedom   from   superstitions,   from   internal   and   external   pressures, freedom   from   himself.   Gurdjieff   explicitly   stated   that   he   did   not   want   to   start   a new   religion,   sect   or   a   new   school   with   a   new   set   of   "truths"   influencing   people, forcing   them   to   obey   new   gurus   or   masters.   According   to   Gurdjieff   true   freedom can   only   be   achieved   by   developing   a   higher   level   of   consciousness   through individual   effort   and   will-power.   The   level   of   man's   consciousness   is   not   only responsible   for   wars   and   other   kinds   of   suffering,   but   it   is   responsible   for   the totality   of   his   life.   The   entire   life   of   man,   including   his   beliefs,   activities   and   work, everything   he   has   built   up   for   himself,   our   whole   civilization   depends   on   his   level of consciousness. According    to    Gurdjieff,    man    possesses    mental    abilities    well    above    the    level needed   for   his   biological   life   and   he   is   completely   unaware   of   his   incredible potential.   These   possibilities   are   lying   dormant   in   man   and   without   proper   effort and   understanding   cannot   be   released   and   utilized.   Modern   man   is   developing his    intellect,    is    gaining    scientific    and    technical    knowledge,    is    improving    his standard    of    living    -    and    this    means    that    he    is    concentrating    on    his    external development.   But   what   is   most   vital   for   him   -   his   morality,   attitude   to   other people   and   to   himself,   depends   on   his   own   consciousness,   and   this   however remains at a very low level.