Origins of monotheistic religions
Zoroastrianism Zoroaster Zoroaster,    the    founder    of    the    first    modern    monotheistic    religion, probably   lived   about   1400   BC   in   the   area   lying   in   the   present   north- east   Iran   and   south   Turkmenistan.   According   to   Gathas,   being   a   part of    Avesta,    the    holy    Zoroastrian    scripture,    the    Zoroaster    tribe    was annihilated   as   a   result   of   tribal   wars,   and   he   alone   wandered   for   a dozen   or   so   years   witnessing   brutal   tribal   fights.   At   the   age   of   thirty Zoroaster   had   a   vision   of   the   angel.   The   angel   told   him   there   was   only one   true   God,   Ahura   Mazda,   and   that   he   was   to   become   his   prophet. During   the   next   ten   years   Zoroaster   had   other   visions   in   which   several archangels   of   Ahura   Mazda   appeared   and   revealed   further   truths   to him. Zoroaster   tried   to   preach   his   new   faith   to   his   compatriots,   however they   were   not   receptive   to   his   teachings   and   persecuted   him.   He   had to   escape   to   the   nearby   kingdom   of   Bactria   (present   day   Afghanistan) where    he    managed    to    convert    the    king    Vishtaspa    who    introduced Zoroastrianism   on   his   lands.   Zoroaster   became   a   chief   priest   and   one of the most influential persons in the state
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